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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is a time of new opportunities and challenges; to study a smaller number of chosen subjects in depth, to broaden intellectual and cultural horizons, and to have the experience of leadership, coupled with the challenge of taking greater responsibility for organising oneself and one’s own work schedule. Whilst maintaining a careful framework and structure of monitoring and guidance through the tutorial system, we gradually devolve greater responsibility to the Sixth Formers themselves in order to equip them with the right habits to make a successful transition whether they go onto university, an apprenticeship or begin their career straight from School.

As a 21st Century school we prepare our students to be independent leaders, taking a holistic approach to education. In addition to academic excellence, we also inspire physical, mental and creative talents. All pupils in our Sixth Form will be educated and guided within the curriculum and have the opportunity to be entered for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and will receive in depth UCAS coaching led by Oxbridge alumni.

Students in the Sixth Form take on key areas of responsibility with the opportunity to be Prefects, Peer Mentors, Sports Captains, Performance Directors and Commanders in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). There is an extensive range of academic, co-curricular activities to stretch our pupils and ensure that they are prepared to be 21st century global leaders. 

From entry into the Sixth Form there is expert career advice and guidance given from the Head of Sixth Form, University advisers and Oxbridge graduates. Students receive an in depth UCAS training programme, with coordinated Open Days and Career Exhibition Days. The decisions on university choices are made during Year 12, leading to all applications being sent during the first term in Year 13. Students are encouraged to participate in some planned work experience in the careers that they seek to embark in when they leave school. The grades they achieve in the Sixth Form are pivotal in terms of opening doors to the next stage in your life, whether that is into university or employment.

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