Myddelton Football Academy

The Myddelton Football Academy provides a professional footballing environment alongside a Myddelton College education. It develops aspiring young footballers both on and off the pitch, enabling them to become better players, teammates, and to develop as leaders. Being a member of the MFA involves regular training and classroom sessions, as well as strength and conditioning, all supported by a team of staff who know firsthand what it takes to play and coach at the highest level.

We offer detailed structured training and knowledge on how to improve technically and tactically with every session. Regardless of their level, we want every player to set and achieve their own goals. Whether your ambition is a career in football, or to simply become a better player, this is the opportunity for you!

The Myddelton College Football Academy Programme includes:

· 3 x Academy training sessions per week in school
· A link with a local club for evening training and weekend matches
· Strength and conditioning training
· Nutrition and fitness plans
· Analysis sessions
· Termly player reviews with a mentor
· The opportunity to trial at professional clubs within England and Wales
· The opportunity to add extra 1-2-1 training

Meet the Coaches

Director of PE & Sport – Mike Pearson

Deputy Head, Mike Pearson, became a teacher after career as a professional footballer. Mike played nearly 300 matches in the English Football League, National League and Welsh Premier League, having previously represented Wales at youth level. Mike holds a UEFA B licence coaching qualification. As a pastoral leader in the school, Mike is expertly placed to mentor our footballers.

Lead Academy Coach – UEFA A Licence coach, Matt Sampson 

Matt is a highly experienced coach, having worked previously for Manchester City. Matt is the current first team manager at Llanrwst Football Club. As well as being both a UEFA A Senior licence and A Elite Youth licence holder, Matt is also a coach educator for the Football Association of Wales.

Strength and Conditioning Coach – Alice Verrier 

Alice has experience of playing and supporting elite sport and works alongside our coaching team and provides comprehensive support and training to our student-athletes, focusing not only on skill development but also on their physical conditioning and overall well-being. Alice plays a crucial role within the football academy by bringing specialised expertise in physical fitness, injury prevention, and athletic development.

Some of the key aspects of our S&C provision are:

1. Physical Preparation: Alice designs tailored training programs focusing on building strength, speed, agility, and endurance specific to football. This helps young athletes develop their physical capabilities, reducing injury risks and enhancing performance on the field.

2. Injury Prevention: Alice understands the physical demands of football and implements injury prevention strategies. She educates players on correct warm-ups, recovery techniques, and correct movement patterns to minimise the risk of injuries.

3. Optimised Performance: Alice works on improving overall athletic performance, including power, flexibility, and coordination, which are crucial for football. This enhances players’ abilities, enabling them to perform at their peak during matches.

4. Individualised Training: Alice assesses each player’s strengths and weaknesses to create personalised training plans. This approach helps in addressing specific needs, maximising the potential of each player.

5. Nutritional Guidance: Alice provides guidance on nutrition and hydration, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet to fuel performance, aid recovery, and promote overall well-being.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation: Alice continuously monitor progress and adapts training programmes accordingly. Regular assessments help track improvements and identify areas needing further development.

7. Psychological Support: Alice assists in developing mental toughness and resilience, crucial for athletes to handle pressure situations and maintain focus during games.

Example Schedule

Year Groups Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend
Year 10 – 13 3:45pm – 5pm 3:45pm – 5pm

7 – 8.30pm Club training

2:45pm – 4pm Club matches
Year   7 – 9 3:45pm – 5pm 3:45pm – 5pm 3:45pm – 5pm

7 – 8.30pm Club training

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