School Life

Students will work through a programme that will encourage them to participate in experiences that help them develop a more focused sense of personal identity. We listen to the aspirations of each and every student and suggest a relevant route to aid and motivate them in reaching their full potential. We focus on developing personal skills incorporating adaptability, initiative and teamwork whilst stimulating intellectual growth by offering flexible teaching and learning methods for all abilities.

We believe that by being a co-educational college we are preparing our students for the future. Studying together in a co-educational setting has many benefits for both genders; encouraging self-esteem, social skills and better preparation for a diverse world where both genders play important roles. Myddelton teaches students to have respect for their peers, exposes them to different viewpoints and cultures which help break down gender stereotypes, giving them a conceivably distinct advantage later in life. This also applies to our philosophy of attracting both local and international students to study together.


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