Student Support

Personal Tutor System

Each student will have a Personal Tutor who is responsible for monitoring the pastoral and academic aspects of student life. Personal Tutor groups will be organised to comprise students from all year groups in the school, where it is expected that students from higher years will provide guidance and mentoring for newcomers to the school. This provides reassurance for newcomers or younger students and also develops key leadership skills in the older students. Students will register in their personal tutor groups every morning and so have the chance to interact and become a close knit supportive group.

Able, gifted and talented pupils

Our school is a centre of excellence, and provides an environment in which individuals are respected and encouraged to reach their full potential. We place a high priority on the need to provide the best possible education for all pupils, including the more able and talented. We encourage the pursuit of excellence, through a challenging curriculum, containing a range of activities and experiences which extend the more able pupils, helping to develop their special abilities and talents, and to celebrate their achievements.

Information from parents for the able, gifted and talented register is welcomed. By working together with parents, the school aims to ensure an appropriate balance of challenge and support, which best meets the needs of the pupil.

Myddelton College uses three categories to support the more able:


Those with the potential to achieve at a higher level than the majority of their peers in academic subjects. Able students will be predominantly identified by subject teachers.


Those with the potential for exceptional performance across a range of subjects. Gifted students will usually have a CAT/MidYIS score in excess of 120, but not exclusively.


Students will be identified as Talented if they exhibit a particular ability in art, music, sport or the performing arts. Identification is more subjective here than the other categories, but will be initially by teacher nomination.

Learning Support Provision (SEN)

The college is committed to providing equal access for all students to the broad and balanced curriculum to which they are entitled, in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy. Pupils with special needs may, at times, require a more specialised programme than the majority of pupils of the same age, in part or all of their school work. We place a high priority on the need to provide the best possible education for such pupils, and no less than for pupils who display no learning difficulties or other problems.

We include the pupils themselves in decision-making about the type of intervention and the targets to be included in an individual education plan and work in partnership with the pupil’s parents at all stages.

Any additional support is chargeable and will be discussed on admission. 

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