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Myddelton College is a top Independent Boarding and Day Schools in the UK, established on a 37½ acre campus. The college takes its name from the renowned Myddelton family who, dating back to the 15th Century, were eminent figures in the history of Denbighshire and Wales, having been Members of Parliament for the local area as well as contributing to wider society across the United Kingdom. 

Myddelton College is located on the outskirts of the historic market town of Denbigh, situated at the foot of the 13th Century fortress of Denbigh Castle which dates back to 1859 and contains the perfect blend of historic architecture with modern facilities. The school is surrounded by a rich history as well as plenty of amenities and the spectacular Welsh countryside. It is easily accessible by road, rail and close to major airports. 

The values of Myddelton have been founded upon: Resilience, Scholarship and Fellowship.


We instil in our students a love and passion for learning. We teach them not to be nervous of academic rigour. We celebrate it and indeed expect to see it in every single lesson.


We place great emphasis on our supportive community and developing a young person with an internationalist outlook. We teach our students that the biggest impact they can have on another person’s life is simply by being kind and thoughtful to them. We uphold this value every day at Myddelton College.

Myddelton College is a Microsoft Global Showcase school and member of the exclusive EdTech50 group. Each student at Myddelton College has their own personal tablet device for learning.

All our lessons are delivered through Microsoft OneNote and Teams which provides parents and students with access to lessons from anywhere in the world at any time. This means our students receive personalised feedback from their teachers in real time. Students’ work is then differentiated to help them improve on their own targets, ensuring the work provided is both challenging and accessible to every pupil.

Many of our staff have been recognised for their exceptional abilities to teach in innovative ways using technology. They have been singled out by Microsoft as MIEEs (Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts) ensuring that our staff and students are at the cutting edge of classroom learning. We guarantee that students are well versed in modern technology and are prepared for the modern workplace.


Our students are taught to never give up in the pursuit of goals and achievements. We teach them how to cope with setbacks and learn from them. We help them develop a positive mindset that embraces challenge, makes no excuses, and is never defeated.

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