Prep School Curriculum

You can find below all aspects of the Myddelton College Preparatory School curriculum.

“The standard of education is outstanding, with a variety of subjects on offer. The school environment enables children to expand their interests and grow with confidence. We definitely made the right choice for our children.”

Preparatory School Parent

“The range of subjects that he is taught is amazing, from maths, English, art and science, to Chinese, Spanish, OAE, computer science and drama. You don’t expect so much variety for students of his age, so it’s just fantastic.”

Prep School Parent

“The school encourages a strong sense of belonging and my child is extremely happy there.”

Prep School Parent

“I have never seen an education like this! Myddelton is unique in their 21st Century learning and my daughter is independent and forward thinking in the global world we live in.”

Prep School Parent

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