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Posted: 9th May 2022

Myddelton College Senior School

When it comes to finding the right independent school for your child, the sheer choice out there alone can be overwhelming. The most important thing to do is research. Planning your child’s education is very important and if independent schooling is your choice from the start, research is key. 

Here are some ideas on how to find the right independent school: 

What is the Admission Process? 

Independent schools will have an admission process. This usually consists of registration forms and entrance assessments. This is standard across independent schools, but entry requirements will differ. Most will assess English and Maths and other development skills. At Myddelton, consideration is given to all boys and girls aged between 4 – 18.

Check the Latest Ofsted Report

All schools in the UK are required to have a regular Ofsted inspection report. They are extensive reports that will give you a detailed insight into all areas of the school’s teaching style and processes. You can search for the school report you would like to read here

Find Out Specific Details

To narrow down your choices, you will need to find out specifics about the schools that meet your requirements. Find out details such as:

  • What percentage of students achieve A* – A Grades? 
  • What languages are taught? 
  • How many students get into their first choice University? 
  • How many girls study STEM subjects?
  • Do students have a good standard of overall wellbeing? 
  • What are the class sizes? 
  • What is the school doing to support environmental issues? 

Every family’s situation is different, so ask the questions that relate to your child’s future goals. Statistics are important but bear in mind the date that they were collected and if any changes have been made or improved. Independent schools generally have a very high rating, but look for the most up-to-date information to be sure.

Attend Independent School Open Events

Of all the research you can do, visiting in person is the best way to truly experience what the school has to offer. You will get to see the classrooms, sports facilities, grounds, and accommodation for yourself. Visit several schools to compare so you can narrow down your choices. You will find that when your child walks into a school they like, they will know. Some will offer overnight boarding days to give your child a real idea of what it will be like to live away from home.

Is Location Important? 

Location does have an impact on your choice of an independent school. Some families consider moving house to be in a specific catchment area. Scholarships are sometimes available and boarding means location is less of a factor. If your child will be boarding, think about how often your child will be returning home or when you will visit. Video calling technology means students can keep in touch regularly, but families are always encouraged to see each other throughout the year. Budget and financial aid will also play a factor in choosing the right school for your child.

Life Beyond the Classroom

Academic performance should be a priority when fining an independent school, but it is part of a bigger package. Independent schools focus on developing students as a whole and nurturing well-rounded, balanced individuals. Look at the sports facilities and the variety of sports on offer. Ask about trips and extra-curricular activities and how much school time is invested in non-academic development.

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