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Co-Educational Boarding: What to Expect

Posted: 21st March 2022

Choosing to educate your child through a boarding school is a big decision, but it could also be the best decision you make for your child’s future. They will benefit from cutting edge learning, an enriched schedule with small diverse classes, and a broad and balanced curriculum.

When it comes to understanding boarding school, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are unsure of what to expect from Boarding school, we have put together a simple guide to explain the basics of boarding school life.

Will Boarding School Suit my child?

If you intend to send your child to a senior boarding school, the best thing to do is start their boarding school experience as early as possible. It is natural for there to be a period of adjustment and missing home, but young children are fantastic at adapting. They will experience the requirements of boarding and see if living and studying away from home will suit them. The truth is, there is no way of knowing until you try. At Myddelton College, we offer boarding for both boys and girls and we will do everything we can to make your child feel welcome, safe, and settled.

Attending one of our open events is a great way to get a feel for the college, and give both parents and children an insight into what to expect at boarding school.

Types of Boarding

Many boarding schools offer a mix of full, weekly, flexi and occasional boarding. These options are often flexible and can be tailored to suit modern family life. During the early registration stages, you will be asked how many nights your child wishes to board, and this can be changed as needed.

The cost of boarding will depend on which option you choose and if you amend or change these options throughout the year. Generally, any child that boards more than 3 days per week is considered a weekly boarder. Pupils will generally start full boarding at age 11 but may have boarded occasionally before this.

Life beyond the classroom

Of course, education comes first, but boarding school offers a well-rounded education in all areas of their personal development. It offers stability and consistency that works around busy family life, creating a healthy balance for both physical, mental, and personal development. With out of hours access to a host of facilities, more free time to enjoy hobbies, lots of time outdoors and access to elite sports including tennis, football, and equestrian, children can thrive in an environment that has everything they need in one place.

What are the benefits of a boarding prep?

Boarding can be a very positive experience for both parent and child. Boarding prep teaches children the responsibilities they will need to take to become successful in senior school and beyond. You will be pleased to hear that access to personal devices is monitored and instead, we plan an enriched schedule of activities during and after school hours. You will find that after a few months, you are seeing significant positive developments as your child learns to:

  • Be responsible for their possessions
  • Discover what they love to do
  • Respect others
  • Build confidence at their own pace
  • Manage their time efficiently
  • Learn social skills and independence
  • Fit seamlessly into senior school when the time comes

Preparing for Boarding School as a Parent

It’s important to prepare your child as much as possible for the exciting journey they are about to start, but you need to prepare yourself too. The idea of your child being away from home, making new friends, settling into new surroundings and being independent is a lot to process at once. As a parent, it can be overwhelming.

We always encourage parents to visit at weekends and for special occasions such as sports events, birthdays, and achievement ceremonies. For international students, the use of modern technology such as Skype is a great way to keep in touch regularly. In our experience, it is often the children that are asking their parents to let them board, rather than parents convincing them.

We strive to help our students become confident, mature, and well-educated young people whether they board with us or not. To find out more about boarding or to ask any specific questions, please get in touch.

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