FlipGrid Book Reviews

FlipGrid Book Reviews

Throughout the past academic year the English department at Myddelton College has forged and established strong and long-lasting links with the Morton East High School in Cicero Illinois, Lycee Saint Paul in Cambrai Northern France and the Gymnasium S.V Baymenova in Pokhvistnevo in the Samara Oblast region of Russia. Initially, this started as a project to try and create the modern-day equivalent of digital pen pals and some cultural exchanges through the Microsoft platform of Flipgrid. However, by the end of this academic year, it has become something much more enriching and profound and will have a lasting impact on the way we teach and educate at Myddelton College. This World Book Day our students’ shared book reviews on FlipGrid in our International Book Club:

The Knife Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness : Review by Tomas

“Hello, my name is Tomas and today I’m going to be doing a book review on The Knife Never Letting Go. This book holds a special place in my heart because it offered great detail, a great plot, and amazing characters that you’ll fall in love with. This book was fabulous. It didn’t let me down. It didn’t let my expectations down, and at first, I was like “right, another book I’ve got to read”. But once I read it, I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s amazing and then I went on to the next book, The Ask and the Answer, and then I’ve currently finished the last book, Monsters of Men. So I recommend this book to anyone. I mean, anyone who feels like they haven’t got anything to read or can’t find anything they like.”

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson : Review by Aimee
“The book I have picked to review is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murser by Holly Jackson. The first thing about this book that grabbed my attention was the title and cover art. I found this really effective because I personally am captivated by the horror genre. So when looking through titles, this one stood out to me. The reason I picked up the book went into more detail, however, and I found the cover up really interesting and I was almost immediately hooked to buying the book after I read the blurb. The title could be considered a bit deceiving, but the content doesn’t disappoint. The book is obviously not a direct guide about murder, but I found it a lot more entrancing. The book follows the perspective of 18 year old Pippa who becomes entangled in an attempt to solve the town’s infamous murder-suicide case for her final year project. Unknowing to Pippa, however, is that there is someone out there catching onto her and who will do just about anything to stop Pippa finding out and exposing the truth. While the enjoyment of this book may depend on readers preferences for different genres. I would say I certainly enjoyed it. I’m sure that a lot of readers have their own inclination, dabbling in different genres is a good idea, and you may find yourself enjoying a book he thought you wouldn’t. Horror reader or not, this book was an incredible read for me and I think it’s definitely worth it for you to check it out. Thank you.”
Over Sea, Under Stone – Susan Cooper : Review by Harriet
“Hi, I’m Harriet and I have chosen the book Over Sea, Under Stone. It was written by Susan Cooper. I like this book because it is fun and exciting and this is about three children who go to stay in a big house by the sea with their mysterious uncle. They find a map in the house and it leads to a grail. The children try their best to find it, but it won’t be easy because other people are trying to find it as well. The characters are daring and adventurous and the book is really exciting. I recommend this book to people who enjoy adventures and mystery. This is the first book in the series, The Dark is Rising, and the story continues throughout the five books.”

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