“We are delighted that you are considering boarding here with us at Myddelton College! For so many of you this will be your first time away from home and for some this will be your first time in Wales or even the UK. Here at Myddelton we want to make your transition from home life, wherever that may be, to life here at Myddelton College as smooth and as easy as possible. Our aim is to provide a happy, stable , caring and friendly environment where all of you can flourish.

- Mr. Andy Allman, Headmaster

Boarding at Myddelton College

Our boarders here at Myddelton College are all part of a large family community and they look out for each other. We find that our boarders have a good sense of humour, a strong sense of responsibility, patience, empathy and above all a zest for life! We really want to encourage a sense of belonging and a feeling of personal fulfilment amongst all of our boarders.

We currently have two boarding houses at Myddelton College. We have St. George’s House and Stanley’s House. St. George’s is our Junior boarding house and is for our students aged 11 – 16. Stanley’s House is our senior boarding house and is for our students aged 15-18.

Each boarding house has a residential houseparent, who is supported by an assistant residential houseparent who helps support our boarders with all of their daily needs.

Boarding Aims

Myddelton College aims to provide a happy, stable, caring and friendly environment where the contribution that a pupil makes to boarding life is valued and encouraged throughout their time in the School.

We encourage all pupils to maintain high standards in all that they do. Whilst the academic side of things is a high priority, we want all pupils to fully participate in a wide variety of sporting, cultural and leisure activities.

We encourage all students to make the most of their opportunities outside the classroom.

Myddelton College aims to be a lively busy and competitive place where pupils feel part of a community and show respect to one another, their staff and their surroundings.

Boarding Induction and Procedures

Boarding Parent Handbook