“Thank you very much again for looking so carefully after Lili. She arrived home yesterday bursting with moving impressions of her time in Myddelton College. We think it was a great time for Lili, which she will never forget – and we are sure she will stay in touch with her new friends from all over the world! All this is also due to your balance of “rules” and “freedom”, which made possible this experience – according to your three pillars for life in Myddelton”

- Torsten W, Father of Lili W, Year 11

Boarding at Myddelton College

Life in any boarding school will always provide pupils with unique opportunities to develop their independence. Our team of Houseparents and Senior Leaders draws on a wealth of experience working at top UK independent boarding schools. They have distilled the most positive aspects of each to create the feel of a traditional British boarding school that is also firmly grounded in a global 21st century perspective.

With pupils from 14 different countries and a wide range of personalities, our Houseparents spend a significant amount of time getting to know each child. We ensure every individual has the opportunity to develop personally through our principles of Fellowship, Scholarship and Resilience and enable them to contribute positively to the wider community. We provide a secure environment that encourages students to express their individuality, feel safe to take measured risks whilst learning to cope with failures, and respond positively to challenges they face in later life. We encourage all students to be mindful that the path to excellence is to improve in small ways every day.

The support of you as parents is, of course, a vital component of their success. Both our Head of Boarding and Houseparents can be contacted by either phone or email at any time should you need to speak to us. And we value regular feedback from both you and your child to ensure we are able to fully cater for their needs.

We are a constantly growing school which welcomes new pupils throughout the year. And, so with each new addition, the boarding family continues to evolve, maintaining our core principles while welcoming new ideas and traditions.

Our excellent catering team prides itself on providing a wide range of well-balanced meals whilst ensuring they cater for individual tastes. During regular meetings with our Head Chef and through our daily suggestions box, boarders are encouraged to share their own ideas and dishes from home to reflect the diversity of our community and school life.

During the evenings boarders are also supported by our academic teachers who provide a range of afterschool extra curricula activities, including traditional team sports such as hockey, football, netball and tennis, alongside yoga, music, drama and language and games clubs. There is never a shortage of activity so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. After dinner our teachers are also available during formal study time to give advice and support to students on their journey towards academic excellence.


The boarding community here at Myddelton College is a large family who look out for each other, laugh together and take care of each other all day, every day. Age is not a barrier and students forge lasting friendships with fellow Myddltonians from a range of countries.

Our newly refurbished boarding houses combine the benefits of modern amenities with the original architecture of the surrounding school buildings.

Our shared communal facilities encourage pupils to take independent responsibility for themselves. The boarding house is your child’s home away from home and we encourage them to bring photos and mementoes from home to decorate and individualize their personal space.

Younger pupils occupy twin rooms with shared bathrooms. Having a roommate provides support to younger students whilst instilling important values such as sharing, respect and patience for others. Rooms are welcoming and brightly decorated and, although shared, provide adequate privacy and storage. Where rooms are shared separate quiet study spaces are available in the evenings to give students access to a focused learning environment whenever needed. Older pupils enjoy single occupancy rooms with their own private study desk to meet their need for increased focus on academic studies and desire for personal privacy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our boarding team for further information at We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming your child into the Myddelton family.