Boarding at Myddelton College

The decision to board is a huge step for every family, but here at Myddelton College we endeavour to create a boarding ‘family’, a ‘home away from home’ by nurturing a supportive, stimulating environment for our students in order to make their boarding experience a positive and enriching one.

Boarding offers students so much more than just an education. At the end of each academic day there are will be a choice of extra-curricular activities for boarders. These could include learning a skill such as baking or animation, team sports such as hockey or football, stretching yourself in yoga or circuit training. A regular talk from invited speakers on a range of fascinating topics is also planned for Wednesdays throughout the year.

Following tea, staff are on hand to help support you in your prep so that you can be better prepared for the next day’s lessons. This could include extra revision sessions, individual support and academic encouragement.

There is then another boarder’s activity each evening and again a chance to engage in something sporting or creative. And just in case there’s a dull moment, there will be regular event nights and the focus of these will be learning life skills or themed nights to embrace a truly global perspective.

The fun doesn’t stop at weekends either – with a chance to experience a wide range of activities. Trips out could include shopping at city centres including Manchester, Liverpool or Chester’s outlet village, bowling, go-karting, cinema, theatrical and cultural trips and heritage trips or simply exploring the beguiling scenery of North Wales. Boarders are part of a large family community and look out for each other. Boarding requires a good sense of humour, a strong sense of responsibility, patience, empathy, and above all a zest for life.

Boarding at Myddelton College is flexible, with options for Flexi-boarding, weekly boarding and full boarding available for students. With twin & single rooms available for students from all year groups with shared shower and bathroom facilities, the life of a Myddelton boarder is built on the essential qualities of comfort, security and support for all of our students.
Our House Parents have a wealth of experience, with the welfare and academic success of the students at heart and aim to make the transition to board a smooth one. Also, our Head of Boarding & Student Wellbeing is always on hand to ensure that students are as comfortable and contented as they can be. Our staff always welcome comments and suggestions on how they can make the Myddelton boarding experience even better for our resident students.

Communication between students, parents and boarding staff is the most important aspect of your child’s time at the college, and multiple channels of communication will be available for both parents and students to use.

Boarding at Myddelton allows students to make friends within their year groups but also amongst other years, dispelling any concerns parents may have and encouraging friendships throughout the boarding family regardless of age.

Moreton House Boys Room

Moreton House Boys Room

The newly renovated Moreton and Eleanor Boarding Houses are the ideal home from home for students and will instantly put parents’ minds at ease. Eleanor or Moreton House will be your child’s home throughout their time at Myddelton College. With common rooms, kitchen and laundry facilities available in the boarding house, your child will have all the amenities they need to live independently away from home and equip them with skills they will need for life in the 21st century.  We don’t just allow, but encourage, our boarders to decorate and personalise their rooms (within reason, of course!) to further help them feel at home.

Eleanor House Girls Room

Eleanor House Girls Room

Twin Rooms (Shared Bathroom): For the majority of students who join us in the lower & middle college they will be allocated twin rooms with shared bathrooms. We believe having a roommate provides support to students whilst also instilling important values such as sharing, respect and patience for others. Rooms are welcoming & brightly decorated and although shared provide adequate privacy and storage.

Communal Areas: Each floor of the boarding house has communal areas for students, designed to give them the ultimate chill out zone. All common rooms have Wi-Fi and are fitted with leisure equipment including televisions & games consoles. There are also kitchen and laundry facilities available for use by all students.

For further information, please contact our Head of Boarding Ms A Davies on