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We are doing things very differently here. Through our use of 21st Century technology and skills in every lesson, to our ground-breaking Learning Through The Outdoors programme, we aim to provide a unique blend of 21st Century Learning and the best of British education in the heart of the Welsh countryside.

While we place high value and great emphasis on academic success, we also take a holistic view toward education and we value the arts, the outdoors and sporting ability just as highly.

This is what makes Myddelton College ‘more than just an education’.

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  • Parent comment after our recent open day,

    “Since his first visit to Myddelton Xanders thoughts have been transcended in terms of his beliefs in his own future prospects as a person and in terms of academia; quite literally his grey cells were ignited by your speeches and the experience of visiting Myddelton College and meeting with the staff. The only negative thought he has is simply that he has only two years with you.


    This young man is positively electric, every neurone is firing with an enthusiasm that is energising to observe. He genuinely feels he knows he has a song and is excited about writing it and singing it..!”

  • Patty Ricci, Barcelona

    Patty has had a beautiful experience and has really enjoyed her stay at Myddelton. She has made many friends not only with her classmates but also within the academic staff. Our personal thanks to all Myddelton staff for their kind support.

  • Parent comment after our recent Open Day,

    "Many thanks for a lovely day today, it was fabulous to see the school again after visiting for my daughter’s scholarship assessment some 3 years ago. I must say it is looking much refreshed and full of new hope and excitement."

  • Parent comment after our recent Open Day,

    "The visit to Myddelton really inspired our daughter. She is very keen to attend and experience all the opportunities that Myddelton could offer if she succeeds in achieving a Scholarship."

  • Parent comment after our recent Open Day,

    "Our son thoroughly enjoyed the assessment day and we both hope that he obtains a place at Myddelton College. We thank both you and the staff for creating a friendly welcoming atmosphere that encouraged the pupils, and provided a truly family feel."

  • Greg High, Myddelton College's first admission

    "I really want to go to Myddleton College as the staff seem really friendly and there is so much to do. My Mum and Dad want me to go to a very good school and I'm so lucky as Myddleton College is close to where I live. I'm excited about all the after school activities & events, they have some really great facilities at the school. I like the idea that technology is used to teach me - we are given our own tablet computer. Also, the school looks like Hogwarts and that is ace!"