Elite Triathlon Training Centre

Myddelton College delivers an elite triathlon programme for students that show potential in triathlon and for those already competing at top level. Nat Churchill, the Head of Sport and Outdoor Learning manages the triathlon programme at the college. The Triathlon Team has shown huge success in the first year with wins in the Cardiff Junior Triathlon and particular success in swimming. Orla Davies in year 9 completed a 5km swimathon in the spring and now holds the title for the fastest UK female swimmer for 5km in all age categories. Many of our Triathletes compete for Wales and Great Britain.

Nat says “The Sports and Outdoor Learning faculty are very proud of our elite triathlon programme here at Myddelton College. Our triathletes not only train hard and gain outstanding results, but exemplify what it is to be a Myddelton students. They are resilient, they work hard academically but most importantly they are good people that support each other with high levels of integrity.”

With dedicated triathlon training four times every week, Myddelton triathletes benefit from top level coaching, across all three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. The department has attracted top coaches from the UK to deliver a tailored programme for the wide age range in the triathlon. The programme concentrates on developing strength and conditioning, bike fitness as well as advising on nutrition and bike maintenance. Additionally, training sessions focus on learning to train, learning to lead, intelligent training, informed choice, and intelligent racing.

Having access to top level coaches allow the technique in each of the disciplines to be consistently observed. This is critical when training triathletes at elite level. We concentrate on their long-term development, ensuring the technique they repeat develop motor programmes is accurate. Our coaches tailor training specific to their own individual needs taking into account peak training times, competitions and tapering off.

Nat says our selection for the triathlon team is through a try-out with our triathlon coach Royden Healey. Sporting performance is required within swimming, cycling, and running and potential should be seen in these disciplines. Royden uses British Triathlon’s regional academy selection policy for the swim, and run, and British Cycling’s test protocol (Dustbins) for the bike. Both Nat and Royden believe it is essential that triathletes are willing to learn new skills, have positive interactions with the coach and other team members, and a positive attitude. The triathletes are given a terms trial. During this they are observed in their development in technique and performance but also in their attitude and commitment.

If you believe you have what it takes to join Myddelton College’s Triathlon Team, contact Nat Churchill, Head of Sport and Outdoor Learning n.churchill@myddeltoncollege.co.uk