Physical Education

The physical aspects of a young person’s personal development are often overlooked in schools or are isolated from the rest of the curriculum and treated as a separate aspect of school life. However, at Myddelton, we take a very different approach. We work to build a ‘physical literacy’ by giving our students an understanding of themselves as physical beings at the heart of the college, from the food they are served to the type of physical exercise they take part in.

Sport is seen as a good way to develop communication and team skills. All PE is co-ed. We strongly encourage our students to join sports clubs outside of the college too and support them in doing this.

GCSE and A-Level students have the option to choose Physical Education as an examination subject. This includes a high percentage of sports theory which helps them to understand the science behind performance. The syllabuses include anatomy and physiology, sport psychology, sociology, diet and nutrition. This academic element of sport helps to enhance our elite athlete’s performance.