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Individualised Education

Myddelton Preparatory School teaches students between the ages of 7-11 (Year 3 – Year 6). With small class sizes, students benefit from a high teacher: pupil ratio and receive an personalised education. Individual, focused targets are given to all students in the three core subjects. Each pupil will meet individually with their tutor to discuss any concerns they have, their progress in all subjects and ways in which they can improve their learning.

The curriculum model is based on a two week timetable with each lesson lasting 55 minutes. Students are taught in mixed ability classes, but making full use of the flexible nature of the curriculum plan to provide intense support to students who would benefit from it. All students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life. Your child will find lessons interesting and stimulating with field trips and memorable visits that will bring their studies to life.

Pupils receive instant verbal feedback and we meet with pupils in small groups to give feedback and discuss targets fortnightly.

Family Ethos

We fully encourage the integration of the Preparatory School into Myddelton College through the use of our House System. Students are assigned to Houses when they begin their journey at Myddelton College and will register, dine and compete within their House family throughout each year. This helps our students to integrate not only with their peers but also members of the school.

Broad and Balanced Curriculum

At Myddelton College we are passionate about our students going into the world as well-informed global citizens. Students are taught to have a good understanding of international issues and the ability to reason and question information in order for them to form their own judgements on the world. Tablet technology has completely changed the way we interact with technology, bringing in an era of genuine personalisation and students are encouraged to use their iPads to help to develop their global awareness. Lessons follow a blended approach and some lessons will use tablets, while others will focus on the importance of developing a student’s handwriting.

We believe that our students deserve to receive a broad and balanced curriculum. In addition to the core and humanities subjects which are taught by their class teacher, students are taught languages, computing, music, drama, lab skills, sport and Learning Through The Outdoors (LTTO) with subject specialist teachers.

At Myddelton College we will be actively focusing on improving our students reading age and comprehension skills, while at the same time promoting and developing an intrinsic love of reading. Students will therefore spend 30 minutes each day taking part in our Accelerated Reading and Star Reader programme. We promote reading for pleasure and make time for students to read a book of their choice within their zone of proximal development each day. Students will be able to track their own progress and parents and teachers will be able to access reports to update them on progress and achievement in reading. Each half term a student’s reading age and ability will be re-tested to assess how much progress they have made and to identify a series of new books at the required level to challenge them.

Students are set daily prior learning activities electronically so that they come prepared for each lesson with the required knowledge and understanding.

Our Aims:

  • To promote the highest standard of teaching for all.
  • To provide the highest standards of personal care, support and individual development.
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

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