Update from the Music Department

By Mrs L Hughes, Teacher of Music and Drama

Multi-talented Johnathan Davies (pictured playing his double bass) has been awarded a scholarship at the Royal College of Music. Jonathan, who is studying for his Grade 7 in trombone and plays a plethora of other instruments, including the double bass, also won the Chester Music Festival Open Category with DMC 6 sextet.

Year 7 have been studying the relationship between pitches, especially semitones and had fun creating their own human keyboard to explore the distance between each pitch, before developing their performance skills on the piano.

Year 8 have been developing their understanding of rhythms and exploring different timbres, through the use of non-traditional instruments. They have been inspired by the work of the performance group Stomp, and created a performance using bright orange buckets! They will be composing their own class piece using improvised instruments from the kitchen next lesson.

The pre-sessional students have been exploring Western 20th Century music and studying the instruments of the Western orchestra. This has involved learning the English names for all of the instruments and learning their auditory characteristics. They have also been studying Serialism music and are currently composing their own Serialism piece.

Year 10 are currently studying Baroque music, focusing on Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.2. They are also composing their own concerto, using the musical devices that they have identified in Brandenburg’s Concerto.

Two Brothers – A Year 7 play inspired by the plight of Syrian refugees

Year 7 have been devising their own piece based on the theme of Love, using the collaboration space on OneNote to brainstorm ideas. They used props as inspiration, developed a plot, created all of the characters from scratch, scripted the piece, improvised the acting and are now taking it in turns to direct each scene.

Their piece is based in Syria, after they were inspired by reading news articles on the conflicts there and the plight of refugees leaving Syria. The plot sees two brothers witnessing their mother being taken away by soldiers and then going on a quest to find their father who is away fighting. It follows the Heroes Journey structure akin to the likes of Star Wars.

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