Headteacher Scholarships

“These scholarships are an exciting opportunity for more exceptionally talented students to benefit from Myddelton’s quality academic teaching and its excellent resources and facilities,” he said.

- Mark Roberts

Myddelton College is very pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of Headteacher Scholarships of up to 100% of academic fees for exceptionally gifted students.

Scholarships for the 2018-2019 student entry are available for drama, music, art, sport and academic excellence. All students must show academic ability.

“They have been made possible by exciting new investment which is taking our college from strength-to-strength. We look forward to welcoming candidates during our Scholarship Week from March 19 to 23.”

Headteacher Mark Roberts said the new scholarships demonstrated Myddelton’s strong commitment to widening access to independent schooling.

All scholarship candidates must initially submit an essay on a subject they are passionate about, together with their chosen area of excellence, i.e. music, sport, drama, art or academic ability.

Candidates will then be invited to visit the college during Scholarship Week. They will sit academic tests, followed by an interview with the headteacher, a tour of the school and a meeting with the head of department for their chosen area of excellence.

The award of a Headteacher’s Scholarship will be based on a review of the candidate’s written essay, their performance in the entrance examinations, the interview with the Headteacher and a satisfactory academic report and reference and from their current school.

Candidates are expected to show academic ability and resilience to meet the pace and demands of Myddelton’s broad curriculum and fulfilment of academic potential. In addition, applicants are required to identify and detail an area of strength from the following areas of school life:


Applicants must show they are fully involved in the dramatic life of their school and will have enjoyed a major role in school productions either on stage or backstage in technical support.


Applicants must be fully committed to the musical life of their school and be working towards public examinations in at least one musical instrument (the voice is classed as an instrument). At 11+ candidates should be approaching Grade 3, at 13+ candidates should be approaching Grade 5, and at 16+ candidates should be approaching Grade 7 in at least one instrument.


Applicants are required to present a portfolio of work to demonstrate their creative skill and achievement and commitment to the creative life of their school. The work may include sketchbook drawing and evidence of artistic interest (e.g. gallery and museum visits).


Applicants must be fully involved in the sporting life of their school with ‘A’ team representation in a competitive school sport. In addition, candidates should show sporting ambition beyond school, through club and/or county representation.

A student who is in receipt of a Headteacher’s Scholarship is required to work hard, contribute positively to college life, be a credit to the college and set a good example by demonstrating the qualities we expect from Myddeltonians – resilience, scholarship and fellowship.

Discounts of between 15% up to 100 % are available with a least one 100% scholarship being awarded.

Our UK Admissions Manager is available to offer candidates pre-scholarship advice and answer any questions. Please email admissions@myddeltoncollege.com.