Scholarships and Bursaries


Myddelton College offers generous financial support to new and existing pupils in terms of Bursaries and Scholarships. We recognise that for some families schooling fees are a significant financial commitment, we therefore offer a range of different Bursaries and Scholarships, as we are driven towards broadening access to Myddelton College.


Myddelton College offers several Scholarships for pupils. Our scholarships are designed to reward and signify excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent. Each Scholarship is an honorary award, and in recognition of this achievement, pupils are offered a reduction in their fees throughout their time at Myddelton College.

Please note that Scholarships will only be offered to pupils who have a satisfactory level of academic ability, this will be assessed through a series of online testing to measure the potential of each individual. Scholarships will only be offered to pupils who have been successful in the online testing. However, we do not award Scholarships on the strength of the entrance assessments alone, we will therefore also ask for a written personal statement, and this may further lead to an interview.


Myddelton College is committed to broadening access by offering to eligible parents / guardians means tested financial support for the payment of school fees. It is our intention that Myddelton College is accessible to all.

Please find further details in our Scholarships and Bursaries booklet, or contact


Summary of Awards Available

Myddelton College boast 8 different types of Scholarships and 2 different Bursary funds available to support families and make Myddelton College accessible to all.

Denbigh Scholarship and the Hugh Myddelton Scholarship

Academic Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Art Scholarship, Drama Scholarship, Sport Scholarship and the ICT Scholarship

Key Workers’ Bursary and the Myddelton Bursary