KS2 & 3 Booster Course: Year 6 English

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Year 6 English

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Course Leader – Sally Dale:

Sally Dale is currently completing her Masters at Oxford University, having received her Bachelors Degree in English Language and Linguistics with Educational Theory. She has more than 10 years of experience in English teaching at a multitude of schools. She has also held leadership positions at Prestfelde School and Adcote School.

About Myddelton College: 
Myddelton College, one of the fastest growing independent schools in the UK has teamed up with leading educational specialists to ensure that your child is fully equipped to enter into the next phase of their studies.
Myddelton College is a co-educational independent boarding school located in Denbigh, North Wales. At Myddelton, there is a focus on 21st Century Learning, as well as engaging specialist programmes such as our ‘Learning Through the Outdoors’ programme, which encourages our students to learn and apply knowledge beyond the classroom.

Our Approach:
All children progress at different speeds and meet different hurdles in their learning, they need bespoke learning plans and individual support. Our programme meets these requirements by offering small class sizes of up to 20 students. We provide immediate feedback to enable students to progress at their own speed. By using a combination of video link and interactive software, the teacher will provide live tuition. All exercises are marked automatically and results are recorded.
The programme consists of 6 hours per day for five days, covering the whole syllabus. Pupils will be assessed at the start of the programme to determine their base line performance and progress will be monitored continuously. Practice is the key to success, the greater the variety of examples the child has encountered and mastered, the less likely they are to meet unfamiliar situations.

Course Overview:

  • Developing awareness and skills around how the media use language to inform/advise/persuade
  • Creating a newspaper article to be compiled in to a final whole class PDF at the end of the week as a souvenir of the work they have completed
  • Crafting and creating their own poems to be entered in to a class anthology for them to keep at the end of the week
  • Creating and crafting their own mini ghost stories inspired by the stories we have looked at together
  • Writing a short story in the style of ‘The Malamander’
  • Writing a letter to… i.e. their local MP about how they can improve recycling in their area

Summary of Topics:

  • Introduction to the week
  • Non-fiction – The news around me
  • The differences between broadsheet and tabloid newspapers
  • How are articles crafted?
  • Skills and techniques to create an article.
  • Deconstructing an article to identify specific techniques
  • Assessing different types of news stories for purpose, audience and language
  • Poetry – The Night Mail by WH Auden
  • Discussion of the type and style of the poem
  • How is sound and techniques used to create an effect
  • Exploring the use of rhythm and language
  • Creative writing – Victorian Ghost stories
  • Creative reading – ‘The Malamander’ by Thomas Taylor – a recent author in the Booktrust Awards
  • Transactional writing – writing to inform, explain, advise, persuade

Skills Taught:
Embedded literacy skills for inference, deduction, skimming, scanning, using quotations, tone, style and vocabulary.