Booster Course

FREE Online GCSE and A Level Booster Lessons

Myddelton College are delivering a series of FREE online GCSE and A Level lessons to help bridge the gap in lost learning due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Available nationwide to help bridge the gap in learning made by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Subjects offered: Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics

Course start date: 30th November 2020

Course duration: Two weeks

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Course Timetable: Lessons will run each evening from 5–7 p.m.

About Myddelton College:

Myddelton College, one of the fastest growing independent schools in the UK has teamed up with leading educational specialists to ensure that your child is fully equipped to enter into the next phase of their studies. 

Myddelton College is a co-educational independent boarding school located in Denbigh, North Wales. At Myddelton, there is a focus on 21st Century Learning, as well as engaging specialist programmes such as our ‘Learning Through The Outdoors’ programme, which encourages our students to learn and apply knowledge beyond the classroom. 

Our Approach:

All children progress at different speeds and meet different hurdles in their learning, they need bespoke learning plans and individual support. Our two week programme intends to support learning lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We will cover some of the hardest topics in each subject, which will directly impact students understanding of the subject as a whole. 

By using a combination of video link and interactive software, the teacher will provide live tuition. The programme consists of 4 hours per subject, per level spread across 2 weeks, covering two of the hardest topics. Practice is the key to success, the greater the variety of examples the child has encountered and mastered, the less likely they are to meet unfamiliar situations.

Course Overview:

For all A Level and GCSE subjects, the syllabus is now prescribed in detail by the Department for Education. The lessons will cover two topics per subject. Different examination boards split the materials between examination papers in different ways.

Course Leaders:

Neil Bentley (Head of the Science Faculty) – Chemistry:

Neil has been teaching both A Level and GCSE Chemistry for over 30 years and is currently the Head of the Science Faculty at Myddelton College. Using his wealth of experience as an examiner for Edexcel, Neil is able to help students develop the most successful strategies for approaching challenging examination questions. 

Alicia Davies (Deputy Headteacher) – Biology:

Alicia Davies has over 10 years experience of teaching A Level and GSCE Science in the UK and is currently Deputy Headteacher at Myddelton College.  Having first attained her PGCE and a Master’s degree in Integrative Bioscience at the University of Oxford, Alicia spent two years as a researcher at the Edward Grey institute, University of Oxford. 

Alan Biles-Liddell (Head of the English Language Faculty) – English:

Alan has been teaching both A Level and GCSE English Language for over 30 years and is currently the Head of the English Language Faculty at Myddelton College. Using his wealth of experience as a lead examiner for AQA, Alan is able to help students achieve the highest academic outcomes.  

Peter English (Retired Head of Mathematics) – A Level Mathematics:

Peter English is a Cambridge University graduate with a Masters in Education from Loughborough University. He has over 30 years experience in teaching mathematics and physics at several schools as well as becoming Head of Department at Brighton College for many years.

Andrea Devereaux (Edexcel Examiner) – GCSE Mathematics:

Andrea has been teaching A Level and GCSE mathematics for 20 years in a wide range of secondary schools. She has a particular interest in statistics and previously worked as an examiner for Edexcel.

Miles Herridge (Examiner for Cambridge International Board) – Physics:

Miles has been teaching A Level and GCSE as a physics specialist for over 20 years. With his decade of experience as an examiner for the Cambridge International board; Miles is able to guide students to the heart of difficult concepts in Physics helping them improve their understanding and performance.