Academic Contacts

Assistant Headteachers (Heads of Academic)

Mr Ian Lloyd – Director of Studies and Head of Year 11

Contact for information about Exams, Timetable, departmental questions/concerns, questions about Heads of Faculty

Mr Andrew Allman – Director of Learning and Head of Prep School

Contact for: academic concerns, questions about lesson style/teaching style, questions about Academic Tutors and Heads of Year.

If you are unsure whether to contact Mr Lloyd or Mr Allman about an issue, it is easier to send an email to both of them.

Heads of Year:

7: Mr Michael Pearson –

8: Mr Jack Stanyer – 

9: Ms Laura Hughes –

10: Ms Edie Griffiths –

Sixth Form: Ms Gail Jones –


Your son/daughter will also have been allocated an Academic Tutor, who may be a regular contact for minor academic queries. If you have any questions about this please ask the Head of Year.