Headmaster’s Welcome


I am delighted to welcome you to Myddelton College, where we provide a unique blend of 21st century learning and the best of British education in the heart of the Welsh countryside.

Myddelton College is a happy, caring and kind environment where pupils are encouraged to fulfil their potential, while always demonstrating honesty, kindness and respect. We have high academic expectations for all of our pupils, ensuring that our curriculum is designed to equip all pupils to thrive in the 21st century. We are committed to giving pupils a diverse range of experiences in which they can develop personally and socially, as well as providing a curriculum to incorporate mindfulness to help our pupils cope with pressures of life in the global work place.

At Myddelton College every student is treated as an individual and as being unique. We ensure that we inspire a thirst for knowledge and a desire to know more, as they set out on their journey of discovery. Pupils are encouraged to use their time wisely and to take every opportunity as a golden ticket, stretching boundaries and surprising themselves with their own ability and priceless moments. Expectations are high and pupils flourish, not only academically, but also through our values of the arts, a love of the outdoors and sporting ability.

We have founded our school upon the ‘Three Pillars of Myddelton’. These are the three areas in which we believe every Myddeltonian should excel: Resilience, Scholarship and Fellowship.

Resilience: Our students are taught to never give up in the pursuit of goals and achievements. We teach them how to cope with setbacks and learn from them. We help them develop a positive mindset that embraces challenge, makes no excuses and is never defeated.

Scholarship: We instil in our students a love and a passion for learning. We teach them not to be nervous of academic rigour. We celebrate it and indeed expect to see it in every single lesson.

Fellowship: We place great emphasis on our supportive community and developing a young person with an internationalist outlook. We teach our students that the biggest impact they can have on another person’s life is simply by being kind and thoughtful to them. We uphold this value every day at Myddelton College.

As Headmaster, I have been involved in the Independent Sector for more than 17 years. During this time, I have held leadership roles in academic, pastoral and boarding areas of school life, as well as training teachers at Durham University. In addition to my BA (Hons) I also have an MA in Education, both from Durham University.

In my role as Headmaster, I enjoy teaching GCSE and A level Religious Studies and Psychology, as well as being a Principal Examiner for AQA.

I personally look forward to welcoming you to Myddelton College and presenting our remarkable college to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Allman
Myddelton College Headmaster