Why choose Myddelton College Sixth Form?

The underlying principles of academic delivery at Myddelton are founded upon the idea of ‘More than just an Education’.

Along with their education, which is of the highest standards, our Sixth Formers are equipped with the key life skills most sought after by employers today. Our Sixth Formers become suitably qualified and confident to lead, to serve and to be a good influence, wherever life takes them.

There are six 21st Century Learning Skills: Collaboration, Knowledge Construction, Self-Regulation, Real-World Problem-Solving, Effective Use of ICT and Skilled Communication. These have been developed by both universities and many blue chip companies and are integrated into every lesson through our unique lesson design. Students are expected to come to every lesson equipped with the knowledge they need so that in the classroom time can be spent applying and demonstrating this knowledge to real world situations and problems.

A Myddelton College student will also have an international perspective as members of the global village. Vitally, it is about preparing young people for life beyond college, helping them gain access to their chosen university and then helping them be fully prepared for the life they will lead beyond.

These core pedagogical imperatives sit upon three pillars – of Resilience, Scholarship and Fellowship. These three pillars form the foundation of everything we do at the College.

Great emphasis is placed upon Fellowship and students are always told “this greatest impact you can have on the world is simply by being nice to one another”. Learning to support each other and work with students from all over the world is key to developing the key skill of collaboration.

Resilience has been a ‘buzz’ word in education for a while. But what does it look like in action? It is about allowing students to fail and then teaching them the skills to dust themselves down and keep trying until they succeed.  We teach them that nothing is more important than perseverance.  If you set your mind to a goal you will achieve it if you have the resilience to keep trying until you get it right.

A key part of teaching these skills is through our revolutionary Learning through the outdoors program under the guidance of our Head of Sport and Outdoor Learning Nat Churchill. Students are encouraged to lead expeditions into the glorious surrounding Welsh hills, to climb and navigate difficult terrains and to learn that team work and collaboration will help reach your goals sooner.