Myddelton College Spelling Bee competition

With a new team in place this has been a very busy and hectic term for the English Department-but most of all a very enjoyable one getting to know the pupils. Without a doubt the highlight of this term for the Department was organising the inaugural Myddelton College Spelling Bee competition.

This proved to be a hotly contested inter-house competition. The first semi-final pitched David’s against George’s and both houses were eagerly cheered on. Oliver Lewis provided the first Myddelton record by gaining 7 correct spellings in a minute and then Naomi Odiaka displayed blistering pace in the final quick fire round. When the dust had settled David’s proceeded to the final.

Next up was Patrick’s against Andrew’s and this appeared to be a very even contest until Gabe Maelor-Pritchard produced an astonishing 11 correct spellings in a minute to open up an unassailable lead for Patrick’s.

On Friday 30th November the whole school congregated to witness the first Myddelton College Spelling Bee final between David’s and Patrick’s. The final lived up to expectations with the lead never ever being securely gained by either house. However it was clear that nerves were also an important factor and when the final word had been announced David’s won by the narrowest of margins-just 3pts.

Looking forward to next term the English Department hopes to build on the enthusiasm for this competition by introducing ‘Word of the Week’ to Myddelton College and hosting an evening of Poetry and Prose recitations.

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