Shakespeare School’s Festival

A variety of Drama pupils form Year 9 to Year 12 took part in the Shakespeare School’s Festival this year, transforming Romeo and Juliet into a contemporary performance. The cast worked on reimagining the famous script into a modern and condensed version from September until their performance on 13th November at the Stiwt Theatre in Wrexham. The cast, lead by Mrs Hughes, decided to set their version in current day Rhyl, with social commentary on the recent increase in knife crime and gang culture. In order to further reflect the modern day world, the cast decided to portray Romeo as a female, with Romeo and Juliet being a gay couple. Their performance was moving, stylistic with prominent physical theatre techniques and left the audience in silent, tearful wonder by the end. Their overall performance stunned both the audience and staff of Shakespeare School’s Foundation alike, who gave the Myddelton actors a stellar review.

The dedicated cast then performed again for the rest of the school on Friday 23rd November, inspiring more budding actors to audition for future performances.

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